“Come Clean” Yoga & Raw Foods Retreat

16-18 May, 2014   –  Wattle Point, East Gippsland Victoria. 

THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT – Please send an email via the contact page to be placed on the waiting list!  Next retreat will be Sep-Oct 2014.

“COME CLEAN is a weekend designed to clear the clutter from the inside out.  We’ll free up the body through the practice of yoga; use self-inquiry to reveal sabotaging patterns; experience freedom and peace through guided meditations, and importantly lighten our toxic load with raw foods and juices!   Immerse yourself in nature at the beautiful Wattle Point Waterfront Retreat, whilst your body plugs-in to wellness..  Come on, come clean.”

                                                                                                            ~  Deborah Langley 

This amazing retreat commences Friday early evening (16/05/14) early,  and concludes Sunday afternoon (18/05/14).  Experience therapeutic and powerful yoga, calming and healing meditations & life-enhancing education sessions.

Your Retreat Package Includes: 

*A practitioner-facilitated journey to clear the body & mind *Friday night & Saturday morning liquid fasting with Juices, Smoothies & Elixirs to detoxify the cellular body * Amazing Raw Food Meals  *Organic Herbal Tea   *Therapeutic Yoga Sessions  *Guided Meditations * Wellness & Raw Foods Education   *Luxury accommodation   *Outdoor heated spa   *Indoor heated pool

* Free time for relaxation, bushwalking, kayaking, cycling.

** Facials, Massage, Reiki and Mediumship Guidance available at additional cost.

Requirements & Additional Information:

  • The retreat cleanse is supported by raw superfood nutrition and selected nutraceutical supplements.   The weekend retreat experience is designed to promote detoxification of the body and mind. 
  • The retreat is open to males and females aged 18 & above.
  • Guided meditations will be enjoyed during the Retreat, to allow you to spend some quality time with yourself.  Please note that this is a non-denominational retreat, and women and men from any culture or religious background are welcome.
  • The weekend is not suitable for those with diabetes or heavily prescribed medical conditions.  If you are unsure if this weekend is suitable for you, please send Deborah an email via this website for assistance.
  • We expect that you are medically cleared to enjoy raw juices and raw foods vegetarian nutritional cleanse, and can participate in yoga practices over the weekend.  Due to the nature of the raw foods, the retreat is not suitable for those with allergies to nuts and nut products.
  • If you drink coffee, we encourage you to have a few ‘coffee-free’ days immediately before the retreat to avoid experiencing caffeine withdrawal headaches during your time away.
  • There will be un-scheduled time to relax and enjoy the surrounds.  Wattle Point has a heated pool and mineral spa, so pack your swimmers and enjoy the water!
  • “Come Clean” commences at 5.00pm on Friday May 16, 2014 and concludes at 3.00pm on Sunday May 18, 2014.  Registration is open from midday at 12.00pm on Friday and we encourage early arrival to allow you to relax and unwind..

Accommodation Options and Retreat Rates

  • Wattle Point luxury lodges are beautifully appointed… you will not feel like you are on school camp!
  • The following options are subject to availability, first serve basis.  Please advise if you are attending with a group and we will do our best to accommodate you together.
  • All lodges have lounge areas, kitchenettes, clothes washing facilities, and luxury appointed bathrooms, bath linens provided.
  • Retreat rates listed include all nutritional juices, raw food meals, smoothies, elixirs and supplements, organic Spa Teas, accommodation (incl. bed and bath linens), and activities of swim, spa, kayak and cycling.  
  • Optional purchases are facials, massage, reiki or mediumship sessions.
  • The Deposit option listed below is ONLY available to participants who have previously attended one or more of the following retreats with Deborah Langley:   (i) Come Clean Wellness Retreat  (ii) Celebrate the Goddess Women’s Retreat;  or (iii) Living Light Detox Retreat.

Room Type

Bedding Arrangements

Retreat Rates


All-inclusive  Nutrition, Yoga, Accommodation

Group Lodge (8 Person share)   SOLD OUT 2 x Double     6 x Single $555.00 per person 
Luxury 3 Share (3 Person Share)SOLD OUT 1 x Queen      2 x Single $695.00 per person 
Luxury Single Share  
1 x Queen $795.00 per person 
Couple Share
1 x Queen (I bed suitable for couples only) $1145.00 per couple 
Per Person
Returning Participant Deposit 
Per Person $150 per person


* If you are booking on your own for a shared room, you will be placed in a room with other single bookings.  Similarly, if  there are two of you booking in a 3-share it is likely there will be a third person in the lodge with you.

*  If you wish to share in a friendship group of three, please email the names through via the contact page and we will do our best to place you together.   To guarantee this, we suggest ensuring all 3 participants book and pay same day, as due to the limited number of places no bookings will be held without payment.

* $150 deposit for return participants is non-refundable.  FULL PAYMENT is due by February 01, 2014.

* Bookings are only secure when paid in FULL, payment plans are not available.

* $300 Cancellation fee is applied in event of cancel. Full cost of Retreat will be be forfeited if participant cancels between May 01 and May 18, 2014.

1 comment

  1. Leonie Sutton

    Hi Deborah,

    I am really inspired by your yoga and raw foods retreat, however i cant make it to this one due to a family event – could you put me on the mailing list so i can know about future retreats as i would LOVE to join!

    Kind regards,

    Leonie Sutton

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